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Tesla Users Are Penalised Left and Right

Tesla is really wringing its customers wallets dry, recently a change from a FREE Unlimited Supercharge to a Pay Per Use Model, and as some point soon they will charging a camping fee for blocking a supercharger port once your car is fully charged.

Tesla Supercharger Stations

Tesla Supercharger Stations

Tesla supercharging stations charge with up to 145 kW of power which is distributed between two adjacent cars. Each individual vehicle can take a maximum of 120 kW per hour. This is up to 16 times as fast as most public charging stations. Superchargers are able to take a near empty vehicle up to 50% in about 20 minutes, and up to nearly 80% in just 40 minutes, and just over 75 minutes to get to full charged (100%). 

Tesla will be introducing a idle charge of approx £0.30 pence per minute (£18 per hour) for overstaying their welcome at the supercharge stations. This is to stop people leaving their cars blocking the Supercharger Stations for hours beyond their charge time, as many appear to use them to park their car for free. 

A Growing UK Concern

This doesn’t appear to be a UK Problem at this point, certainly not for Tesla owners but I believe it is a growing concern as the number of electric cars on Britain’s streets grows. In Manchester are a few public access charging points, these usually come with a free parking while you charge.

On a recent visit to Manchester, the street near the drop off point charges approx £3 per hour to park. I arrived at 10am-ish and there was an advertising wrapped BMW i3 I think, parking the only Electric Charge point. When I left at approx 5pm this same BMW was still parked and still plugged in.

Manchester Council as far as I know are in the partnership which offers free parking to charging electric vehicles, so hogging already occurs, and I can only see it getting worse. 

Image from Wikipedia.

Rich Piana Has Died

Its a sad day for body building fans and the fitness industry as a whole. Its been reported and confirmed that Rich Piana of 5% Nutrition has died after a recent medical emergency. There are rumours of drug overdose and taking his own life but all are rumours and nothing is confirmed. 

Rich Piana at Body Power 2017

Rich Piana at Body Power 2017

In my previous post about Rich in a Chemically Induced Coma, I detailed how the man was absolutely dedicated to his fans. I witnessed this all first hand. Rich shone a light on the fitness industry be it good or bad. If you are not familiar with Rich Piana from 5% Nutrition, he’s the man who basically “enhanced” his already well built physique using Synthol, PMMA and various other local enhancing oils which are injected to the muscles to inflate them like a water balloon and produce his massive size.

There has long been questions of safety surrounding the vast majority of these oils being injected into the body. Others have accused users of these enhancing oils as being cheats and not real body builders so Rich has always been somewhat controversial.

This is why I’m not a big fan of Rich Piana’s methods and process, but that aside its a sad day for the health industry and his millions or 5%’ers around the globe.

I will certainly miss him at future events and hope his legacy is a good one, rest well Rich. 

Reimagined Alt Disney Characters

Sometimes these cartoons are more a social commentary or contemporary reflection of the current state of affairs, I’m not sure what the correct term would be. While they are fun and laughter inducing they show the sorry state of the world today and how reality contrasts to the fantasy world children inhabit. I’m almost jealous!. 

Ariel Iradiated By Tom Ward

Ariel Iradiated By Tom Ward

It would seem British based graphic designer Tom Ward from Woking intended exactly that reaction from people. Tom Ward said he wanted “to bring to life the times we in and communicate topical issues in a relatable way.”, which is a far more elegant way of saying what I attempted. He continued to say “some have a darker message while others are more light-hearted”, which is pretty accurate I certainly smiled a few while others made me consider the stark reality they portrayed.  

I saw some of these a while ago, but I was unable to locate the source and felt the artist should be credited. They now popped up in my news feed via the BBC who have accredited the original author Tom Ward (Insta) / Tom Ward Studio (Website) so I figured I would now post them. 

Pinnochio Selfie or Selfiochio

I happen to detest selfie sticks, but I can’t deny the are effectively MySpace Angles for the current generation. This one made me giggle. Most people will have missed this, but rather than use Bluetooth technology to trigger the device, there is an old school cable plugged into what appears to be a Dell Streak Mobile phone. Pinnochio is clearly analogue and not joined the digital revolution yet.

Disney Pride

The recent Beauty and the Beast live action movie with Emma Watson introduced us to Disney’s first openly gay character Lefou and its about time too. Loving the symbolic message that the traditionally handsome prince charming is elevating gay rights, not sure about Lefao’s appearance and I haven’t seen the movie yet to comment.

Robocop Speed Enforcer

One of the ones I saw a while ago (Around Christmas) was this one of Robocop with a Gatso Speed Camera, busted from Detroits numero uno to menial traffic enforcement. I’m not 100% sure what the intended message is here, but I’m taking it to be the wastefulness of the government spending billions on tasks which cost thousands or maybe its the replacing of the human element which is at Robocops Core in both movies.

Totally Fuoxed

This has to be my favourite of the images, from the look of surprise in horses faces, while the riders seem undeterred or even bothered by the fact the fox is fighting back.

If you look back over Tom’s work on his Instagram, he does these little series for fun, so its well worth following him and considering him for work. When I come to need a new graphic, I’ll certain consider speaking to Tom and of course I’ll report back with any info which may help. 


Its My Birthday… Again

In just a few hours its my birthday, I’m assured its time I lied about my age. I’m going with that I’m 3869 years old, and changing my name to Methstevelah, Methuselah’s cooler brother.

Spirytus 96% Polish Vodka

Spirytus 96% Polish Vodka

Last year I bought my self a new Synology NAS Unit, this year I bought myself an Amazon Echo which I mentioned wanting to learn to code in C#. I have found Javascript maybe a better option rather than C#, but I’m still exploring.

I have worked on many JavaScript applications, so I have a basic understanding, as for Node.JS I have no idea, so maybe order a book or two for my birthday. 

I have wrote my first Skill and won a Echo Dot, and working on my second skill which is domainer related and once its more complete I’ll post more about it.

My sister got me the bottle of Polish Rectified Spirytus at 96% Alcohol by Volume, which is my 4th Strongest Alcohol in my bar. 

1, Denatured Alcohol at 100%
2, Spirytus 96%
3, Knockeen Hills Poteen at 90%.
4, Hapsburg Premium Absinthe 89.9%.
5, Balkan Vodka at 88%.

The denatured alcohol was acquired for a science project, such a hassle, its not really drinking, but given its pure alcohol I listed it.

Diet Death

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

I have just ruined my work out today by polishing off a pack of Sainsburys sugar ring doughnuts, but as my friend Saskia says Birthday Cake or Doughnuts in my case have no calories, so my hour on the cross trainer today is still valid 😛

A year on I have actually had the first part of my shoulder surgery, the left shoulder is done and and I’m well into rehab. I’m just starting to warm up my shoulder in the gym with some light machine work. Irony is when I say I’m doing light work, everyone is like should you be lifting that much ? My light seems to be most peoples heavy.

New Skillset

Sadly my new skillset isn’t going off this year as the training courses in both near by colleges who offer the course are full. Upside I’m £6,000 a year better off, which is what the course would cost, plus books and whatever else I would need.

College is bloody expensive.

Arrowverse Binge Watch Order



My opinion is about as popular as a smelly fart in a hot yoga studio, this opinion is that the DCEU / DC Comics TV Universe is way better than the Marvel TV Universe, this could be because the TV Universe kind of mingles with the Cinematic Universe but I have massively enjoyed the DC TV Universe more than the Marvel TV Universe.

The big series is the Arrowverse which encompasses 5 different shows, which on various occasions The Flash runs out of the side of The Flash TV show and ends up in the Arrow TV show or on Supergirl. Some of the cross overs like The Flash in to Supergirl, neither The Flash nor Supergirl actually need to be watched to follow the stories but some others you need to follow them. 

Arrowverse Binge Watch Order

I saw an excellent post over on Gizmodo about the About Order to Binge on the Arrowverse. This encompasses The Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine, The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow, although Constantine isn’t really needed.


  • Arrow seasons one and two.
  • Arrow season three, episodes 1-7.
  • Flash season one, episodes 1-8 (episode 8 begins the first Arrowcrossover).
  • Arrow season three, episodes 8-23 (episode 8 concludes it).
  • Flash season one, episodes 9-23.
  • Arrow season four, episodes 1-7.
  • Flash season two, episodes 1-8.
  • Arrow season four, episodes 8-23 (same deal as Arrow s3 and Flash s1).
  • Flash season two, episodes 9-23.
  • Legends of Tomorrow season one.
  • Supergirl season one.

 As the Gizmodo post says this is where it gets complicated and more difficult to follow, the image to the right from Entertainment Weekly looks kind of fun. It also kind of shows the comraderies at play in the Arrowverse along the characters.  

  • Arrow season five, episodes 1-7.
  • Flash season three, episodes 1-7.
  • Legends of Tomorrow season two, episode 1-6.
  • Supergirl season two, episodes 1-8 (ep. 8 verrrrrry technically starts “Invasion”).
  • Flash season three, episode 8 (“Invasion” part two).
  • Arrow season five, episode 8 (“Invasion” part three).
  • Legends of Tomorrow season two, episode 7 (“Invasion” part four).
  • Arrow season five, episodes 9-23.
  • Flash season three, episodes 8-16.
  • Supergirl season two, episodes 8-16.
  • Flash season three, episodes 17-23 (ep. 17 is the Flash/Supergirl musical).
  • Supergirl season two, episodes 17-22 (there’s no ep. 23).
  • Legends of Tomorrow season two, episodes 8-17.

There are a few other shows in the DC TV Universe which aren’t part of the Arrowverse which are well worth watching, such as Lucifer, Preach as well as Vixen Animated Series which is sort of linked to Arrow, and references are made in Arrow by Stephen Amell where he says he had an “Animated Adventure with Vixen earlier this year”. 


Reuse Amazon Prime Day 2017 Boxes

I don’t know about every one else but I had a heap of boxes from Amazon, including a somewhat surreal incident where Amazon delivered a Russian Doll inspired series of boxes. I always reused the Amazon Packing Paper, often as note paper, or lining paper for paining / spraying and sometimes even as packing paper again, I just roll it up, rubber band it and its there when I need it. I also reuse the boxes but can’t reuse the packets sadly.  

Amazon Prime Day Packing Paper Rolls

Amazon Prime Day Packing Paper Rolls

This prime day Amazon gave me a Russian Doll Box. The largest Box had 2 x 6ft SyncWire MicroUSB, 100ft / 30m Expanding Hose Pipe, 2 hair conditioner products and 1 slightly smaller box. Inside the slightly smaller box was 1 case of Reflex Nutrition Protein Coffee, Perspi-Guard 50ml, Beard Oil, and other toiletries. Inside the larger of the 2 smaller boxes was 2 more cases of Reflex Nutrition Protein Coffee, in the smallest box was an Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Fire Stick and a few small items. I kind of wish I had taken photo’s of it as it were truly surreal. The Amazon Echo was in separate box on top of the other boxes. 

Amazon Packing Paper

I reuse this stuff for all sorts. Mostly I use it for notes and masking paper. If I’m drawing, painting, spraying or anything like that, I use this to mask off areas. Like I’m going to do some swirl marks on he car, so I purchased some Hycote Clear Lacquer also from Amazon Prime Day. I’ll use the packing paper with low-tac tape to protect area’s around where I’m working.

I also use it when doing messy tasks or when my sisters kids are over being messy. It can just go directly into the Burnable Skip at the Recycling Facility or if not too messy into the Local Authority Paper Recycling bin. 

I have also used it as wrapping paper for posting packages, and reused as packing paper for padding too, going full cycle. 

Amazon Boxes

Amazon Prime Day Packing

Amazon Prime Day Packing

I reuse the smaller A4 Paper size boxes for home storage. The biggest boxes I use for Charity Donations, whenever Amazon send me the large boxes (Approx 20″ x 30″), I have a sort out and fill it with Charity Shop items. 

My purchase of an Amazon Echo means my old small bluetooth speakers are no longer required and only worth £10 on ebay, but I can Gift Aid them to the local Animal Rescue Charity. The FireStick means I can donate my old NowTV box which I paid £20 for with 6 month entertainment pass, but is now only used for BBC iPlayer and 4-On-Demand, that can go to the Charity Shop too. 

Its well worth donating your old items which are often replaced by Amazon orders to Charity, use the Amazon Boxes as the Impetus to have a sort out. Everyone has a cupboard or drawer or something which needs sorting out, the Amazon Box is your proverbial kick in the ass to get around to it. 

Failing that, the Amazon Boxes work well for packing and storing your goods, or shipping gifts to friends and family or back to the seller from other places (as if you shop anywhere else). 

Charity Shop Bound

I am visiting the Charity Shop on Monday with a Pressure Cooker, Now TV box, Bluetooth Speakers, while I was sorting the Pressure Cooker out, I decided to get shut of a load of plates which were bought for a family event but not used in years. This lead to more kitchen sorting out and now I have filled the medium and large Amazon boxes.

After the Charity Shop, its on to the recycling facility to get rid of 3 bags of rubbish, then I have to get to cleaning and touching paint up which all this sorting revealed.  

Now its your turn to make use of those boxes rather than just flatten them and recycle them.