Domain Names are simple addresses which convert your IP Address into something more memorable, for example is also known as Google. You can easily see why domain names were invented for sheer convenience. The internet founders went one step further and segregated domains into .COMercial, .NETwork and .ORGanisation, and suggested countries have their own .(dot). This segregation isn’t set in stone for the most part, although some still insist upon it.

The United Kingdom were originally supposed to be using .GB but later chose to use the more inclusive .UK. We started with what are called Third Level domains, this breaks down into Third.Second.TopLevel format, starting with .CO.UK and .ORG.UK, later .ME.UK were added.

From 19th June 2014, Second Level domains were opened up, or simply .UK.

Everyone knows about .com and .co.uk, but people generally think and search in wide general terms, think about it yourself.

Lets say you want to find Carb Blockers, you would type into Google “Carb Blockers“. At the top of the results you could see “www.CarbBlockers.co.uk”, it stands out and grabs attention. This creates the all important instant credibility and a click is almost certain; the first step to a sale. Alternatively perhaps you’re the type of person who feels lucky and simply types “carbblockers.co.uk” directly into the browser on the assumption its exactly what you want.

Once the visitor has found you, how do you ensure they can find you again ?

Imagine the conversation where you give a customer your details… “oh yeah my website address is ‘BobsPlumbersInNorwich.co.uk’, message me any time, or email me ‘[email protected]’ ok?”, its a little clunky and almost unmemorable.

Now imagine this “Oh yes, my website is NorwichPlumber.co.uk, or you can email me on [email protected], my email and number are both on there too”, instantly memorable and easy to be passed to the next person, boom word of mouth generating more business for you.

This is where we come in, we scour the internet to catch, purchase or trade in order to secure the top domain names and make them available to purchase. Often for the first time in up to 20 years.