Nominet Member

Steven UK is a Nominet Member and Registrar , a registrar is a company, individual or organisation who has been authorised by Nominet, the organisation who oversees the .UK namespace, to offer domain registration services or self manage their portfolio or manage clients portfolios.

A Nominet registrar normally has the ability to register and manage, a range of names, listed below with some restrictions applied by Nominet, on behalf of customer.

Second Level Extension under .UK ccTLD
.UK – Aimed at Anyone.

Third Level Extensions under *.UK ccTLD
.CO.UK – Aimed at commercial ventures
.ORG.UK – Aimed at non-profit and charities
.ME.UK – Aimed as personal websites.
.LTD.UK* – For Registered Limited Companies
.PLC.UK* – For Registered Public Companies
.NET.UK* – For telecoms and networks

Steven UK has the ability to manage all of the above extensions.


* = indicates that certain condition apply to registration of these extensions.