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My opinion is about as popular as a smelly fart in a hot yoga studio, this opinion is that the DCEU / DC Comics TV Universe is way better than the Marvel TV Universe, this could be because the TV Universe kind of mingles with the Cinematic Universe but I have massively enjoyed the DC TV Universe more than the Marvel TV Universe.

The big series is the Arrowverse which encompasses 5 different shows, which on various occasions The Flash runs out of the side of The Flash TV show and ends up in the Arrow TV show or on Supergirl. Some of the cross overs like The Flash in to Supergirl, neither The Flash nor Supergirl actually need to be watched to follow the stories but some others you need to follow them. 

Arrowverse Binge Watch Order

I saw an excellent post over on Gizmodo about the About Order to Binge on the Arrowverse. This encompasses The Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine, The Flash, Supergirl, and Arrow, although Constantine isn’t really needed.


  • Arrow seasons one and two.
  • Arrow season three, episodes 1-7.
  • Flash season one, episodes 1-8 (episode 8 begins the first Arrowcrossover).
  • Arrow season three, episodes 8-23 (episode 8 concludes it).
  • Flash season one, episodes 9-23.
  • Arrow season four, episodes 1-7.
  • Flash season two, episodes 1-8.
  • Arrow season four, episodes 8-23 (same deal as Arrow s3 and Flash s1).
  • Flash season two, episodes 9-23.
  • Legends of Tomorrow season one.
  • Supergirl season one.

 As the Gizmodo post says this is where it gets complicated and more difficult to follow, the image to the right from Entertainment Weekly looks kind of fun. It also kind of shows the comraderies at play in the Arrowverse along the characters.  

  • Arrow season five, episodes 1-7.
  • Flash season three, episodes 1-7.
  • Legends of Tomorrow season two, episode 1-6.
  • Supergirl season two, episodes 1-8 (ep. 8 verrrrrry technically starts “Invasion”).
  • Flash season three, episode 8 (“Invasion” part two).
  • Arrow season five, episode 8 (“Invasion” part three).
  • Legends of Tomorrow season two, episode 7 (“Invasion” part four).
  • Arrow season five, episodes 9-23.
  • Flash season three, episodes 8-16.
  • Supergirl season two, episodes 8-16.
  • Flash season three, episodes 17-23 (ep. 17 is the Flash/Supergirl musical).
  • Supergirl season two, episodes 17-22 (there’s no ep. 23).
  • Legends of Tomorrow season two, episodes 8-17.

There are a few other shows in the DC TV Universe which aren’t part of the Arrowverse which are well worth watching, such as Lucifer, Preach as well as Vixen Animated Series which is sort of linked to Arrow, and references are made in Arrow by Stephen Amell where he says he had an “Animated Adventure with Vixen earlier this year”. 


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