Shoulder Update April 2018

I have been a little quiet recently as not much blog-worthy has been happening but figured I’d post a shoulder update as someone asked what’s going on. Since its approx 14 months since I stopped using the brace/sling for my shoulder, its as good a time to update as any. 

Shoulder Anatomy Diagram

Shoulder Anatomy

I recently had deep tissue steroid injections into the shoulder socket and/or the AC Joint on the right hand side. I’m not sure where exactly in the shoulder this time, but they seemed to load a lot into the syringe. They also needed ultrasound guidance, so I’m guessing socket and/or AC. This was to see if they can take the inflammation down more, as things have improved but not enough. In theory if the swelling was reduced there is less agitation and the potential for increased healing and reduced impingement. Last time it didn’t work out ideally, saying that, last time I had them I wasn’t fully out of training and resting properly so 3-4 weeks post-injections it had returned to normal levels of discomfort. This time I’m barely lifting at all and certainly not heavy lifting so it should be different.

Its been about 6 weeks since I had the injection, the impingement is still reduced hugely, I have about 80% normal movement, the pain is massively reduced but still using various drugs to allow me to go about my day to day routine. 

The pain is slowly, very slowly increasing, I’m hoping its just settling and it won’t get much worse. 

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