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Samantha Cameron Starting A Fashion Label

Samantha Cameron

Samantha Cameron

I don’t really want to get into political posts, but since my take it somewhat humorous I thought I’d go ahead. I read in the paper a few weeks ago that Samantha Cameron (Ex-Prime Minister David Camerons Wife) wants to run a fashion label / company.

I’m not big on fashion, and remember being as equally bewildered over the commentary of Kate Middleton’s dress sense as I was about the various times Samantha’s keen fashion sense were wrote about. All I remember is they were both praised for using high street and off the hook brands. A quick search shows lots of posts and articles about this, many of them appear to suggest she is behind her outfits and often the fact she has a degree in fine art and a history of working in fashion design is sited.

I read another story more recently, about how various “Camerons Cronies” were getting OBEs and the likes. These included her Barber, Spin Doctors and Nutritionist, but one name caught my attention. Isabel Spearman, various people have suggested she’s just a PA, and such but I were interested in what were listed as some of her jobs and astounded by her pay packet. 

Isabel were responsible for handling Mrs Camerons diary, appointments, correspondence and one article suggested dialing her phone and wiping after toilet. Many stories were a little sexist, and playing up the toff angle, even more talked about the fantastic pay, roughly £300 PER DAY!!.

Amongst the list of things on her job list were managing Samantha’s wardrobe, purchasing her clothes, arranging discounts with clothing suppliers and planning her outfits. It also listed attending fittings with various suppliers to enable accurate purchasing and fitting. 

Given Isabel Spearman wa responsible for Samantha Camerons reported excellent dress sense, NOT the woman herself, yet now she seems to believe she can run a fashion company. 

The Tory’s Secret Range

What tickled me some what is this fashion range, will include a Lingerie collection, and I have an idea or two for Samantha to include.

I’m thinking there should be some of the sort of underwear which is kinda tight fitting, not much substance, kinda thin, digs in, really rides up and gets right up, deep into you’re arse crack, and generally uncomfortable. You know the type you constantly need dig out to stop it getting too at home in your bum. 

She should call it the “The David Range” or perhaps The “Tory’s Secret” range 😛 

Photo By Lawrence Jackson, White House Photographer – Public Domain.