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Jaded Photographer

I used to shoot loads of photographs, I loved or rather still do love it but when it became work, I really got jaded with it all. ┬áIts a very bitchy game with lots of “new” people entering all the time who are trying to snipe and undercut everyone else. Not to mention the night after night editing, cropping, digitally re-mastering images it gets tiring,

Manchester Town Hall

Manchester Town Hall

Over the years I have seen so many things I’d love to shoot myself; with my own twist. There are a few idea’s I have loved but thought about going in a different direction than the original artist did.

Thinking back over the last 12 months, almost every photo I have taken has been at events, exhibitions or shows, if you don’t include pics of my doggies. Not a single shoot for my own enjoyment, and I wonder why I’m jaded by it.

I think its time I arranged some shoots, which are fun and strike my interests a little more.

Manchester Town Hall

The photo of Manchester Town Hall to the right were a some what rush job, taken in the middle of the night. I wish I had a wider lens, I miss my 16-35mm at times like that. I remember having to make the choice of head on which made the figure look flat or move to the side and get some skew and distortion but get more depth. I miss that so much.