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Stocking Filler Lynx Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla Gift Pack

Lynx Gift Pack

Lynx Gift Pack

This Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla Gift Pack is an excellent stocking filler. The Lynx Signature Fragrances are all borderline expensive aftershave scents and work as top ups through a day/night out. 

I love tobacco based scents, some of the best combination scents with tobacco are Vanilla, Amber, Tonka and some spices. Spicebomb Extreme and Tobacco Vanille are my go to night out and special occasion scents, my day to day scent is Tabac which has a nice sandalwood undertone which makes it smell fresh. My beard oil is often Tobacco, Bourbon, Vanilla, Lime and Mango based, you get the idea by now.  

I recently discovered Lynx Signature fragrances, Tobacco and Amber as well as Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla, both of these work amazingly well with my favourite scents. The above links are £4 from Amazon Pantry, which is a good price. I paid £5 from Sainsburys on offer, they are normally £6 each.

In this gift pack you get 150ml Antiperspirant Spray and 100ml Precsion Pump Spray for £5, buying these separate would be about £9-10 depending on where you buy them.

I’ll be posting stocking fillers as and when I see them over xmas.