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Beard Oil and Balm

I have had a beard for about 15 yrs now, generally I look like cross between a Brian Blessed and Hagrid, I would totally be at home in a cave.

Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon)

Brian Blessed (Flash Gordon)

Since I started to want to tame it a little, I was told I needed to use oils and balms to bring it in, along the lines of deep conditioning, and styling products. I have always washed my beard fully and conditioned with hair products not not with specialist products.

The Hipster Pound

I were a little dubious, given the recent raise of hipsters and trendy beard growers, I were thinking the beard oils and balms are more about tapping into the hipster pound, which is reminiscent of the 90s trying to tap into the “pink pound” and the “yuppy pound”, one soared and one flopped.

My mind has been slightly changed, and heading toward a full u-turn, but not necessarily for the reasons most would expect.

I change my aftershave scents a few times a year, from spring-summer-autumn-winter I move from green-y, ocean-y, to fruity, citrus-y, to wood-y, forest-y, to spicy, warm scents. For example in Summer is Clinique Happy for Men and in Winter Viktor and Rolf’s Spicebomb Extreme.

Khal Drogo

Khal Drogo

Enhancing Aftershave Scents

I have now found I can match my aftershaves up to beard oils, and balms; More so I can enhance my aftershaves, for example Tom Fords Tobacco Vanille, I think is missing something, so a little Munro’s Bourbon Beard Oil, and a Melt&Smelts Cocoa and Benzoin balm and it really is quite magical. This can be applied to Paco Rabanne Invictus which needs a more woody smell to help with the syrupy smell, so add Cedarwood, Bergamot and Grapefruit beard oil, along with a Sandalwood Tache Wax and works amazingly well.

I would say you can add to your fav scent, or even enhance your favourite scent. I also don’t see why you couldn’t do this if you only have a Tache, Mutton Chops, or even have a stubble, I would even bet you could do your eyebrows, your skin still needs moisturising either way.

Aside from that, my beard is definitely softer and its slowly taking shape with a little topiary skills, less Hagrid and a little more towards Seneca (Hunger Games), well not quite, but Khal Drogo coming up.