Body Power 2017 – STICKY POST

I have only missed one body power show since it started, I haven’t always managed the full weekend but this year I have cleared my schedule, turned work down left right and centre, I will attend the ball. I mean expo, I meant expo, honestly. 

You can see previous entries on Body Power 2016, and Nocco at Body Power, and Mark Felix at Body Power, the list of stars in attendance is awe-inspiring. 

Strongman – Robert Oberst, Terry Hollands, Eddie Hall.

Fitness & Physique – Steve Cook, Mandy Nugent, Sadik Hadzovic.

Body Building – Cedric McMillan, Calum Von Munger, Dana Linn Bailey.

Something Else – Martyn Ford, Rich Piana, Nikki Blackketter.

There is a more complete list on the Body Power Site, but there are always loads more who aren’t listed. 

The list of Exhibitors is equally impressive, basically its the whole nutrtion, gym gear, equipment, food, gym wear world. 

I’m a little gutted that my shoulder surgery has essentially ruled out me trying any of the competitions, although Glenn “The Daddy” Ross did essentially call me a hairy woman with the grip to match so this could be a good thing.  

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